Agile Software Development – Use of Project Management Tools

Agile software development projects can either be simple or complicated. The latter entails many requirements, steps and processes. As a result, they are difficult to control manually with traditional tools designed for agile projects planning. Software developers are now using automated software applications to control both simple and intricate projects. Automated tools are quick, flexible and reliable. Needless to say, workflow management is usually a big problem faced by developing team’s coaches or administrators. These professionals play many roles such as planning and overseeing team members’ meetings, eliminating any impediments to progress, tracking steps and processes and so on. With reliable software tools, a team’s coach can do the following.

-Implement and enforce workflow for team members

-Create a work log entry to ensure that movement of items from one workflow stage to the other is done by approved users only.

-Alter collected data or field templates according to a given workflow stage

-When an item changes from one workflow stage to the next, a team’s coach can send instant email notifications to every developer in their network.

-Allot user stories, bug tracking or other tasks to testers and developers of choice and preference.

Automatic agile software development tools offer efficient role-based security. Some of the most suitable and reliable software programs enable the team manager or coach to control access to sensitive project information. They can also create certain roles to boost security. For instance, a project security role may entail a situation where users are given access to a project based on varied levels of permissions. Other security roles can include restricted access to certain software features, workflow steps, detectable and editable fields and so on. The main benefit that software applications offer is clarity.

A team administrator is able to follow-up tasks that are happening per step of a workflow chart. Therefore an administrator can pinpoint all tasks in the pending, progress or completed status. They can also tell the role played by each person in their team at any time and choose ideal testers per workflow step. The convenience and flexibility offered by automated agile software development project management tools is unparalleled. There are automated boards also that enable developing teams to operate as one cohesive group even if they are many miles apart. These online-based boards are manipulated with simple drag and drop mouse actions and they are absolutely easy to use.

As a software consumer, you want to focus on working with large organizations that have already embraced automated agile project management approaches. This is one way of ensuring that your project will be supervised excellently and it will be delivered in time. If you have a small offshore or nearshore software firm, this is your chance to introduce software tools that are meant for organizing and controlling agile projects. There is no doubt that there exist several software versions on the internet. Choosing the right edition for your needs is very essential. If you normally get complicated agile projects, you should buy a planning tool that can offer you convenience, efficiency and accuracy.

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