Calculate Age from DateTime Birthday in C#: Easy and accurate method

Calculating age from a DateTime birthday in C# is a common task in many applications. Fortunately, there is an easy and accurate method to achieve this.

  1. The DateTime Class
  2. Calculating Age
  3. Conclusion

The DateTime Class

The first step is to create a DateTime object representing the person's birthday. This can be done using the DateTime class in C#. Here's an example:

DateTime birthday = new DateTime(1990, 5, 15);

This creates a DateTime object representing May 15, 1990.

Calculating Age

Once we have the person's birthday as a DateTime object, we can calculate their age using the following code:

int age = DateTime.Today.Year - birthday.Year;
if (birthday > DateTime.Today.AddYears(-age)) age--;

This code first calculates the person's age based on the difference between the current year (DateTime.Today.Year) and the year of their birthday (birthday.Year). However, this calculation doesn't take into account the person's birth month and day.

To account for the birth month and day, we use the if statement to check if the person's birthday has already occurred this year. If it hasn't, we subtract one from their age.


Calculating age from a DateTime birthday in C# is a straightforward process. By using the DateTime class and the code above, you can easily and accurately calculate a person's age in your application.

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