Calling External JS Functions in React Components | JavaScript Tutorial

When building a web application using React, it's common to use external JavaScript functions to handle certain tasks. However, many developers struggle with how to call these external functions from within their React components.

One simple solution is to import the external function into the component file using the "import" statement. Once imported, the function can be called within the component just like any other function.

For example, let's say we have an external function called "handleClick" that we want to use within a React component called "Button". To use this function within the Button component, we would first import it at the top of the file:

import handleClick from './utils';

Here, "handleClick" is the name of the function we want to import, and "./utils" is the path to the file containing the function.

Once imported, we can call the function within the Button component like this:

function Button() {
  return (

In this example, we've added an onClick event to the button, and set it to call the "handleClick" function when clicked.

By importing external JavaScript functions into React components and calling them in this way, we can easily integrate existing code into our web applications and improve our development workflow.

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