Compile Java Package Structures with Javac: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: Create Your Package Structure
  3. Step 2: Create Your Java Source Files
  4. Step 3: Compile Your Java Code
  5. Step 4: Run Your Java Program
  6. Conclusion


If you're a Java developer, you're likely familiar with the process of compiling your Java code into executable programs. However, if you're working with multiple packages, you need to compile your code with a specific structure to ensure that your packages are organized correctly. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of compiling Java package structures with Javac.

Step 1: Create Your Package Structure

The first step to compiling Java package structures is to create your package structure. Let's say you have a project with two packages: com.example.package1 and com.example.package2. You'll need to create a directory for each package and subdirectories for any additional packages within those packages:

mkdir -p com/example/package1
mkdir -p com/example/package2

Step 2: Create Your Java Source Files

Next, you'll need to create your Java source files. For this example, let's create two simple Java classes: MyClass1 and MyClass2. Save in the com/example/package1 directory and in the com/example/package2 directory.

Step 3: Compile Your Java Code

Now that you've created your package structure and Java source files, you can compile your code using Javac. Open up your terminal or command prompt and navigate to the root directory of your project. From there, you can compile your code with the following command:

javac com/example/package1/ com/example/package2/

This command tells Javac to compile and and output the resulting class files in their respective package directories.

Step 4: Run Your Java Program

Finally, you can run your Java program by specifying the fully-qualified name of the class you want to run. For example, to run MyClass1, you would use the following command:

java com.example.package1.MyClass1

This command tells Java to run the MyClass1 class in the com.example.package1 package.


Compiling Java package structures with Javac is a simple process that can help you organize your code and make it easier to maintain. By following these steps, you can ensure that your packages are organized correctly and your code is compiled into executable programs that you can run and test.

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