Convert Boolean to Integer in VB.NET - Simple Solution

If you're looking for a simple solution to convert a Boolean value to an Integer in VB.NET, look no further. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the If statement.

Dim boolValue As Boolean = True
Dim intValue As Integer

If boolValue Then
intValue = 1
intValue = 0
End If

In the above code, we first declare a Boolean variable called boolValue and set it to True. We also declare an Integer variable called intValue but do not set it to a value yet.

Next, we use the If statement to check if boolValue is True. If it is, we set intValue to 1. If it is not, we set intValue to 0.

This simple solution allows you to easily convert a Boolean value to an Integer in VB.NET without having to write a lot of extra code. Just remember to use the If statement to check the Boolean value and set the Integer value accordingly.

Overall, this solution is straightforward, easy to understand, and can be implemented quickly in your VB.NET application.

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