Convert Int to Char in C# | C# Programming Tutorial

When working with C# programming, it may be necessary to convert an integer value to a character value. This can be easily accomplished using the built-in conversion methods in C#.

To convert an int to a char in C#, you can use the Convert.ToChar() method. This method takes an int as a parameter and returns the corresponding char value.

For example, if you have an integer variable named num with a value of 65, you can convert it to a char using the following code:

int num = 65;
char c = Convert.ToChar(num);

In this code, the Convert.ToChar() method is used to convert the integer value of 65 to the corresponding character value of 'A'.

It's important to note that the integer value must be within the range of valid character codes (0 to 65535) or an exception will be thrown.

In addition, if you want to convert a string representation of an integer to a char, you can use the int.Parse() method to convert the string to an int first, and then use the Convert.ToChar() method to convert the int to a char.

In summary, converting an int to a char in C# is a simple task that can be accomplished using the Convert.ToChar() method. Just remember to ensure that the integer value is within the valid character code range.

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