Create Scrollable Table with Fixed Headers Using CSS - HTML Guide

If you're looking to create a scrollable table with fixed headers using CSS and HTML, you've come to the right place. This can be a great way to display large amounts of data while keeping the headers in view at all times.

To get started, you'll need to use a combination of CSS and HTML. First, you'll need to create a container div with a fixed height and overflow set to "auto". Inside this container, you'll place two separate tables - one for the headers and one for the data.

The header table will have a fixed position, allowing it to remain in view as you scroll through the data. You can achieve this by using CSS to set the position to "fixed" and setting the top and left values to 0.

The data table will need to have its headers removed, since they will be displayed in the fixed header table. You can do this by using the "display: none" CSS property on the header row.

Finally, you'll need to synchronize the scrolling of the two tables. This can be done using JavaScript to detect when the user scrolls and adjusting the scroll position of the header table accordingly.

Overall, creating a scrollable table with fixed headers using CSS and HTML is a great way to display large amounts of data in a user-friendly way. With a little bit of CSS and JavaScript, you can create a sleek and functional table that will impress your users.

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