Disable UITableView Scrolling for iPhone When Content Fits Screen

If you want to disable UITableView scrolling for iPhone when the content fits the screen, you can do so by setting the UITableView's scrollEnabled property to false.

This property controls whether the table view should be scrollable or not. By setting it to false, you are essentially disabling scrolling for the table view.

<UITableView scrollEnabled="false">

Alternatively, you can also set this property programmatically in your view controller's viewDidLoad() method:

override func viewDidLoad() {
    tableView.scrollEnabled = false

Keep in mind that disabling scrolling for a table view may not always be the best user experience. If your content is small enough to fit on the screen, it may be better to let users scroll through it naturally. Consider the context of your app and the needs of your users before implementing this solution.

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