Discover Attached Storage Devices on Linux Machine [Closed] | Linux

If you're using a Linux machine and need to discover attached storage devices, there are a few commands you can use to quickly identify them. The first command you can use is "lsblk", which will show you a list of all the block devices on your system, including any attached storage devices. Another useful command is "fdisk -l", which will show you detailed information about all the disks and partitions on your system.

If you're looking to identify specific storage devices by their unique identifiers, such as UUID or device ID, you can use the "blkid" command. This will show you a list of all the block devices on your system along with their corresponding UUIDs and device IDs. Additionally, you can use the "dmesg" command to view the system message buffer, which will often contain information about attached storage devices.

Overall, there are several commands available on Linux machines that can help you quickly and easily discover attached storage devices. By using a combination of these commands, you should be able to quickly identify any storage devices attached to your system.

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