Efficient Batch Processing with JDBC's preparedStatement

Batch processing is a common requirement in many data-driven applications. It involves executing a single SQL statement multiple times with different sets of parameters. JDBC's preparedStatement provides a powerful and efficient way to implement batch processing.

  1. Why Use preparedStatement for Batch Processing?
  2. How to Implement Batch Processing with preparedStatement
  3. Conclusion

Why Use preparedStatement for Batch Processing?

The preparedStatement object is precompiled and stored in the database. When executed, the database reuses the compiled statement, reducing the overhead of parsing and optimizing the SQL statement each time it is executed. Additionally, preparedStatement allows us to use placeholders for parameter values, which can improve security and reduce the risk of SQL injection attacks.

How to Implement Batch Processing with preparedStatement

The first step is to create a preparedStatement object with a SQL statement that contains placeholders for parameter values. For example:

String sql = "INSERT INTO my_table (col1, col2) VALUES (?, ?)";
PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement(sql);

Next, we set the parameter values for each execution of the statement using the setX() methods of the preparedStatement object. For example:

ps.setInt(1, 1);
ps.setString(2, "value1");

ps.setInt(1, 2);
ps.setString(2, "value2");


In the above example, we set the parameters for two executions of the SQL statement and add them to the batch using the addBatch() method. Finally, we execute the batch using the executeBatch() method.


Batch processing with JDBC's preparedStatement is a powerful technique for improving the performance of data-driven applications. By minimizing the overhead of parsing and optimizing SQL statements and allowing for placeholders for parameter values, we can efficiently execute a single statement with multiple sets of parameters.

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