Efficient Deserialization in C#: String vs TextReader

  1. Introduction
  2. String Deserialization
  3. TextReader Deserialization
  4. Conclusion


When it comes to deserialization in C#, there are several methods available. Two of the most common methods are using string and TextReader. However, which one is more efficient? In this article, we will explore the differences between these two methods and determine which one is the better choice for efficient deserialization.

String Deserialization

When deserializing with string, the process involves reading the entire serialized data into a string object and then deserializing it. This method is straightforward and easy to implement, but it may not be the most efficient method. Since the entire serialized data is loaded into memory, this method can cause performance issues if the serialized data is large.

TextReader Deserialization

On the other hand, deserializing with TextReader involves reading the serialized data line by line using a TextReader object. This method is more memory-efficient since it reads the data in a stream, which means that it does not load the entire serialized data into memory at once. Instead, it reads and deserializes the data one line at a time, making it a more efficient method for deserialization.


In conclusion, when it comes to efficient deserialization in C#, the TextReader method is the better choice. While the string method is simple and easy to implement, it can cause performance issues when deserializing large amounts of data. The TextReader method, on the other hand, is more memory-efficient and can handle large amounts of data without causing performance issues. Therefore, if you want to ensure efficient deserialization in your C# application, it is recommended to use the TextReader method.

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