Extract Text Between Square Brackets with Regex - Easy Tutorial

If you are looking to extract text between square brackets using regex, you have come to the right place. Regular expressions, or regex for short, provide a powerful way to search for and manipulate text in a variety of contexts.

To extract text between square brackets with regex, you can use the following pattern:


Let's break down this pattern:

- / and /g are delimiters that indicate the start and end of the regular expression. The g flag at the end means the pattern should be applied globally, i.e. to the entire string.
- [ matches the opening square bracket.
- (.*?) is a capture group that matches any character, non-greedily (i.e. it will stop at the first closing square bracket it encounters).
- ] matches the closing square bracket.

Here is an example of how you can use this pattern in JavaScript to extract text between square brackets:

const str = 'Lorem ipsum [dolor] sit [amet], consectetur adipiscing [elit].';
const pattern = /[(.*?)]/g;

const matches = str.match(pattern);
console.log(matches); // ["[dolor]", "[amet]", "[elit]"]

As you can see, the match method returns an array of all the matches found in the string.

In summary, extracting text between square brackets with regex is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with just a few lines of code. By using this pattern, you can easily parse and manipulate text in a variety of contexts.

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