Filtering Multiple Values in AngularJS with OR Operation | JavaScript Guide

When it comes to filtering multiple values in AngularJS, there are a few different approaches you can take. One common method is to use the OR operator to filter based on multiple criteria. This allows you to set up a filter that will return any items that match at least one of the specified criteria.

To use the OR operator in an AngularJS filter, you can create an array of values to filter on, and then use the filter function to check for matches against each value in the array. For example, if you wanted to filter a list of items to show only those with a status of "active" or "pending", you could create an array with those two values and then use the filter function to check for matches against each one.

Here's an example of how you could implement this type of filter in AngularJS:

<div ng-repeat="item in items | filter: { status: ['active', 'pending'] }">
  <p>{{ }} - {{ item.status }}</p>

In this example, the filter expression is set up to look for items with a status of "active" or "pending". The filter will return any items that match either of these values.

Keep in mind that using the OR operator in a filter can have performance implications, especially if you're filtering a large amount of data. If you're experiencing performance issues, you may want to consider using a different approach, such as chaining multiple filters together or using a custom filter function.

Overall, filtering multiple values in AngularJS with the OR operator is a useful technique that can help you create more flexible and powerful filters in your applications. Just be sure to keep performance considerations in mind as you implement your filters.

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