Fix CSS scrollbar issue caused by overflow-x: visible and overflow-y: hidden

If you have encountered an issue where the CSS scrollbar is not visible even though you have set "overflow-x: visible" and "overflow-y: hidden", there is a simple fix for this problem.

The issue occurs because the "overflow-y: hidden" property is causing the scrollbar to be hidden, even though "overflow-x: visible" is set. To fix this, you can add an extra wrapper element around the content with the "overflow-y: hidden" property, and apply "overflow-x: visible" to the outer wrapper element.

Here's an example code snippet to fix this issue:

<div class="outer-wrapper">
  <div class="inner-wrapper">
    <!-- Content goes here -->

In the above code, the outer wrapper has "overflow-x: visible" applied, and the inner wrapper has "overflow-y: hidden" applied. This allows the content to be scrolled horizontally, while hiding the vertical scrollbar.

By following this approach, you can easily fix the CSS scrollbar issue caused by "overflow-x: visible" and "overflow-y: hidden".

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