How to import filename starting with a number in Python?

When working with Python, sometimes we encounter filenames that begin with a number, which can cause issues when trying to import them using the regular import statement. However, there is a simple solution to this problem.

  1. Using importlib
  2. Using __import__()
  3. Conclusion

Using importlib

The importlib module provides a function called import_module() that allows us to import modules with arbitrary names, including those that begin with a number.

<!-- language: python -->
import importlib

module_name = "123example_module"
module = importlib.import_module(module_name)

Here, we first import the importlib module and then specify the name of the module we want to import, even though it begins with a number. We then use the import_module() function to import the module.

Using __import__()

Another way to import modules with names starting with a number is to use the built-in function __import__().

<!-- language: python -->
module_name = "123example_module"
module = __import__(module_name)

Here, we simply specify the name of the module we want to import and use the __import__() function to import it.


Importing modules with names starting with a number is easy in Python, thanks to the importlib module and the __import__() function. With these tools, we can import any module regardless of its name.

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