Java: Split String into Equal Length Substrings

If you need to split a String into equal length substrings in Java, you can use the substring() method in a loop. First, you need to calculate the length of the String and the desired length of the substrings. Then, you can use a loop to iterate over the String and use substring() to extract each substring of the desired length.

  1. Example code:

Example code:

String str = "HelloWorld";
int len = str.length();
int subLen = 3;

for (int i = 0; i < len; i += subLen) {
    String sub = str.substring(i, Math.min(len, i + subLen));

In this example, the String "HelloWorld" is split into substrings of length 3. The loop starts at index 0 and extracts the substring "Hel". Then, it moves to index 3 and extracts the substring "loW". Finally, it moves to index 6 and extracts the substring "orl". The loop terminates when the end of the String is reached.

By using the substring() method in a loop, you can easily split a String into equal length substrings in Java.

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