JavaScript: Check if input string contains number

When working with user input in a web application, it's often necessary to check if a string contains a number. JavaScript provides a simple way to do this using regular expressions.

  1. Using Regular Expressions
  2. Conclusion

Using Regular Expressions

Regular expressions, or regex, are a powerful tool for working with text in JavaScript. They allow you to search for patterns within strings and perform various operations on them.

To check if a string contains a number, you can use the following regular expression:


This regex matches any digit character, which includes the numbers 0-9. You can use the test() method of the regex object to check if a string contains a number:

const inputString = "Hello, world! 123";
const regex = /d/;
const containsNumber = regex.test(inputString);
console.log(containsNumber); // true

The test() method returns a boolean value indicating whether the regex matches any part of the string.


Checking if a string contains a number in JavaScript is a simple task using regular expressions. By using the /d/ regex and the test() method, you can quickly determine if a string contains a number.

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