JavaScript Object Class: How to Retrieve it

In JavaScript, objects are instances of a class. The Object class is the top-level class of all objects in JavaScript. It provides methods and properties that are common to all objects. However, retrieving the Object class in JavaScript is not as straightforward as retrieving a class in other object-oriented programming languages.

  1. Retrieving the Object Class
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Retrieving the Object Class

To retrieve the Object class in JavaScript, you can use the Object constructor function. This function returns a reference to the Object class.

  const objectClass = Object;
  console.log(objectClass); // Output: [Function: Object]

You can also retrieve the Object class by creating an object and calling the constructor property. This property returns a reference to the constructor function that created the object, which is the Object class for most objects.

  const obj = {};
  const objectClass = obj.constructor;
  console.log(objectClass); // Output: [Function: Object]


Retrieving the Object class in JavaScript is possible using the Object constructor function or the constructor property of an object. Understanding how to retrieve the Object class can be helpful in object-oriented programming in JavaScript.

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