JPQL Date Statement: SELECT Between Dates

When working with databases in Java, it is common to use JPQL (Java Persistence Query Language) to execute queries. One common task is to select data between two specific dates.

To accomplish this, we can use the JPQL BETWEEN clause. The syntax for selecting data between two dates is as follows:

SELECT entity FROM EntityName entity WHERE BETWEEN :startDate AND :endDate

In this example, "entity" refers to the name of the entity class, "date" refers to the name of the date field in the entity, and "startDate" and "endDate" are the two dates we want to select data between.

Note that the dates should be in the format "yyyy-MM-dd" (e.g. "2022-01-01"). Also, the BETWEEN clause is inclusive of both the start and end dates, so data on both of those dates will be included in the result set.

Overall, selecting data between two dates in JPQL is a simple task using the BETWEEN clause. By following the syntax and using the correct date format, we can easily retrieve the data we need from our database.

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