Python: Convert dictionary keys to list - Easy solution

Python is a powerful programming language that provides many built-in functions to make programming easy and efficient. If you have a dictionary in Python and you want to extract the keys and convert them into a list, there is an easy solution to do this.

  1. Using the keys() method
  2. Conclusion

Using the keys() method

The keys() method in Python returns a view object that contains the keys of the dictionary. You can easily convert this view object into a list using the list() function. Here is an example:

my_dict = {'name': 'John', 'age': 25, 'city': 'New York'}
key_list = list(my_dict.keys())

In this example, we have a dictionary called my_dict that contains three key-value pairs. We use the keys() method to extract the keys of the dictionary and then convert them to a list using the list() function. Finally, we print the list of keys, which will output:

['name', 'age', 'city']


Converting dictionary keys to a list in Python is a simple and straightforward task. By using the keys() method and the list() function, you can easily extract the keys of a dictionary and convert them into a list. This can be useful in many scenarios, such as when you need to iterate over the keys of a dictionary or when you need to perform some operations on them.

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