Refresh ListView in WPF: Quick and Easy Method

If you're working with a ListView in WPF and need to refresh the data being displayed, there is a quick and easy method to do so. The key is to use the CollectionViewSource object and its Refresh() method.

First, create a CollectionViewSource object in your XAML code and set its Source property to the data you want to display in your ListView.

    <CollectionViewSource x_Key="myCollectionViewSource" />

Then, in your code-behind, set the View property of your ListView to the View property of the CollectionViewSource object. This will ensure that any changes made to the data will be reflected in the ListView.

myListView.View = (CollectionView)myCollectionViewSource.View;

Finally, whenever you need to refresh the data, simply call the Refresh() method on your CollectionViewSource object.


This will update the data being displayed in your ListView to reflect any changes made to the underlying data source. With this quick and easy method, you can ensure that your ListView always displays the most up-to-date information.

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