Split String in Java with Separator, Without Removing It

When working with Java, it's common to need to split a string into separate parts. This can be done easily with the split() method, which takes a separator as an argument and returns an array of strings.

However, if you want to split a string in Java while keeping the separator intact, the process is a bit different. One approach is to use regular expressions to match the separator and split the string accordingly.

Here's an example code snippet that demonstrates how to split a string with a separator in Java, without removing it:

String input = "This is a sample string with separators";
String separator = "with";
String[] parts = input.split("(?<=\b" + separator + "\b)");

In this example, we first define the input string and the separator we want to use. We then use a regular expression to match the separator while also including it in the split results.

The regular expression used here is (?<=b" + separator + "b), which matches the separator string only if it's surrounded by word boundaries (i.e., spaces or other non-word characters).

By using this regular expression along with the split() method, we can split the input string into an array of parts, with the separator included as its own element.

Overall, splitting a string in Java with a separator without removing it is a bit more complex than a standard string split, but it can be achieved easily with regular expressions.

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