Trigger Action on Div Visibility with jQuery Event

When it comes to triggering actions based on the visibility of a <div> element, jQuery's .is(':visible') method comes in handy. This method returns a Boolean value indicating whether the selected element is currently visible or not.

To trigger an action when a <div> element becomes visible, you can use the .on() method to bind a custom event to the <div> element. Then, you can use the .is() method to check whether the element is visible or not within the custom event handler function.

<div id="myDiv">
   <p>This is my div.</p>

   $('#myDiv').on('customEvent', function() {
      if ($(this).is(':visible')) {
         // Do something when element is visible
      } else {
         // Do something when element is not visible

   $(window).on('scroll resize', function() {

In the example above, the custom event is bound to the <div> element with the .on() method. The event handler function checks whether the element is visible or not using the .is(':visible') method.

Finally, the custom event is triggered when the user scrolls or resizes the window using the .trigger() method.

By using this technique, you can easily trigger actions when a <div> element becomes visible or invisible on the page.

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