View Git Commit Differences Directly - No In-Between Commits

If you're working with Git, you might want to view the differences between two specific commits without having to look at all the in-between commits. Luckily, Git provides a simple way to do this using the "git diff" command.

To view the differences between two specific commits, you'll need to know their commit hashes. You can find these by running the "git log" command and looking for the commit hashes of the two commits you're interested in.

Once you have the commit hashes, you can run the following command to view the differences between the two commits directly:

git diff [commit hash 1]..[commit hash 2]

This will show you the differences between the two commits, without showing any of the in-between commits. You can also add the "--name-only" option to only show the names of the files that have changed.

By using the "git diff" command with specific commit hashes, you can easily view the differences between two commits without having to sift through all the in-between commits. This can save you time and make it easier to track changes in your Git repository.

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